Blue Collar Crew

Trey Winchester

Owner & Operator

I started "detailing" when i was in high school. Back then it was more trying to keep the mud off my truck and making it shine to go cruise around on the weekends with the boys. Plus I would clean mom and dad's cars clean to earn a little gas money here and there. Back then everything was old school wash mits a bucket of soapy water and the hose. No where near the level of sophisticated equipment I use today. As I got older it was a relaxing summer afternoon way to catch some sun and get ready for a night out with my friends. I have really learned a WHOLE lot over the last 2 years and it has also become a type of therapy for me. After many years of being convinced that I suffered from ADD I was officially diagnosed and started into therapy to help me learn to live a more succedful life with my new diagnosis. Detailing and ADD do not really go hand and hand, however for me the structure and need to have the vehicle looking what we now refer to as #BlueCollarClean has become a way for me to harness the "super powers" of my ADD for good. I am married to the love of my life now for 4 years as of July 5th and we have a wonderful conglomerate of kids that are my driving force to keep getting better and growing the business. Outside of BCMW I enjoy working on 1998 Toyota 4 Runner lovingly known as "Sheila", hunting and fishing when I can, watching my step-daughter play softball, and spending time with wife and kids.