Other Services

Carpet Shampooing

Using our top of the line carpet cleaners, we spray the carpets and allow the cleaner to dwell for a few minutes. We then use our soft carpet brush drill attachment to spin the cleaner into the carpet helping it break down the smells and stains. Last we break out our shampooing machine that uses hot water and suction to lift the stains, smells, and dirt from deep down in the carpets.

Price: $35 per hour

Stain Extraction

Everyone spills things and stains happen, but don't worry there is a solution. We us a high quality stain lifting detergent that starts to break down stains instantly. With our drill brush we put that process into over drive. Then with our commercial grade hot water extractor we flush the cleaner and stain out into the vacuum head to remove the stain and excess water. Bringing your seats to fresh and clean!

Price: $35 per hour

Engine Cleaning

Our engines are the heart and soul of our vehicles. Don't you think they deserve to be taken care of? Well with a combination or steam and All Purpose Cleaners you can have your engine shining and looking as good as it runs. Plus with a water based dressing it can protect components that can crack and split over time.

Price: $55

Headlight Restoration

We have all seen cars driving around with yellow, dingy, and gross headlights. Not only is this gonna make any ride look bad, but it can also be a safety hazard when driving at night. Our Process is simple, we use a multi step wet sand, and finish off with a light buff and then apply a new protection to the outside of the lens to keep them from re-oxidizing.

Price: $20 per light

Mold & Mildew Prewash

Daily driver or spare vehicle if its parked out in the elements its is inevitable that there will be some amount of mold or mildew build up on your vehicle. Sometimes its more than a standard foam wash can tackle. Have no fear we can take care of that. We use a special mixture with our M&W Pre-wash that breaks down that stubborn buildup and allows us to bring on the shine!

Price: $45

Bug & Tar Removal

Its gross and honestly can lead to some major problems with your paint! Yes we are talking about the bugs and tar that build up on the grill and lower quarter panels of your vehicle. However, dont worry its not a problem with this simple add on service. Using a body shop safe (meaning its safe on your paint.) solvent during our pre-rinse process and some slight aggitation we can get that nasty build up off!

Price: $20

Leahter Seat Cleaning and Conditioning

Using a high quality leather and vinyl cleaner we remove the dirt and oils that build up on your seats overtime. Most of this you can not even see or really notice unless you know what you are looking for. After the deep clean the leather is ready for moisturizing. The leather lotion we use is extremely effective at restoring that soft supple comfort that you loved the day you first sat in them.

Price: $15 (per seat)