About Us

Our Story

It all started on a long drive in August of 2020. No seriously while on a round the Piedmont road trip in the middle of the night fetching items my wife had purchased off Facebook market place this company was born. While picking up a bed in Lexington NC, I had a discussion with a guy I was picking up the bed from. He told me how he detailed cars on the side for extra income. While checking my bank account before filling up my truck and getting cash out to pay for the next item on my wife's list the notion of detailing cars and making money sprouted the idea that would become BCMW. Over the next few weeks we began to get the basics needed to start our journey. We have learned and grown through mistakes (in product purchases and pricing lol) and honesty with our selves and our customers. We still operate as a part time business and even though owning a business is not only hectic and rewarding we wouldn't trade any of our customers, some who have become friends, or our stories for anything. We strive to uphold the values and work ethic of the Blue Collar workers that built our great nation, and believe that this is what sets us apart. Contact us to day to find out exactly what #BlueCollarClean means.